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Vitamin repair cream I111-1
Date:2014-03-28 09:43:14       Clicks:
Vitamin repair cream I111-1

【Material】:Rich in vitamin A + D
【Description】:1, U.S. imports repair cream, tattoo dedicated, rich in vitamins A + D,, prevent scarring, repair damaged skin and accelerate skin healing. 2, the new repair cream will help mitigate the effects of the sun. Prevent inflammation, effective repair tattoo, so the color is more beautiful tattoo restored, the tattoo is an art, it is worth taking the time to take care of. After the tattoo place finish at the tattoo, play soothing anti-inflammatory use, repair tattooed skin injuries. Usage: After washing with water tattoo tattoo site. Tattoo drawing surface moisture with a dry cloth or paper towel. Not recommended to use a sponge or towel to scrub, rough surface might be interested tattoo hurt, then every four hours to repair cream applied once. Apply cream to repair the light, not heavy. If the sink looks like a tattoo on the description applied too thick, then please do not use any temporary repair cream. Tattoo during recovery needs to breathe, do not take physical constraints it wound film preservation, mainly loose clothes please. In case of plastic wrap or something stuck to the tattoo, do not worry, with clean cold water trickle until loose, carefully remove the plastic wrap. This method is continued for 24 hours.

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