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After body piercing in the recovery process should pay attention to matters
Date:2014-06-03 07:54:56       Form:互联网

1, after the newly completed puncture, cannot be in not to wash their hands before touching the wound or puncture ZhuHuan.

2, try to avoid other peoples sweat, blood, saliva, touch the wound.

3, to avoid wearing tight clothing and hinder normal wound healing, or cause to puncture ZhuHuan collision and friction.

4, if a wound is to contact with water (such as swimming and bathing), before use vaseline or similar product daub around puncture, to reduce the possibility of wounds infected by bacteria in water. After washing with brine instantly, to ensure the health around the wound.

5, when selecting a care products vary from person to person, on the basis of your own reactions to the product, because some selected ingredients care products may cause the sensitive skin around the wound. After a care products selected, as far as possible dont change during wound healing time.

6, all wounds in the healing process will produce serum, if it is not clear in time can result in ZhuHuan and wound interfaces to form the phenomenon of solidified into a shell, this will feel pain when touch ZhuHuan.

7, before the wound healed completely, do not remove ZhuHuan.

8, heals, piercing holes become permanent, if not matching ZhuHuan for a long time, can have certain shrinking puncture hole, when to match before, its best to gently pull the skin around puncture hole, for matching.

9, healing process, try to avoid contact with alcohol and peroxide of newly generated the stimulation of the skin.

10, if the wound appear sensitive to display their metal ZhuHuan phenomenon, suggest using aseptic plastic products (ingredients for acrylic) instead.

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