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Real Madrid savior show domineering tattoos The World Cup right left leg in the champions league
Date:2014-06-03 07:49:34       Form:互联网

  A week before the champions league final, ramos become real savior, his stoppage time header in the regular season to help the merengues equaliser, in 90 minutes, 1-1 of city rivals atletico. A key goal of ramos, save the fate of the real Madrid this overtime bell, marcelo three goals and cristiano ronaldos climactic moments. Although the games MVP, uefas official awarded di maria, but in the heart of real Madrid, ramos is the best players of the champions league final. After helping real Madrid win the history of the champions league trophy after 10, ramos to complete his career grand slam.

Spanish media disclosed that on Friday, as the real savior ramos made a tattoo on his left leg, with Spain won the World Cup in 2010 on the right leg after grain World Cup, a European cup, and put the champions league trophy and World Cup, two domineering tattoo pictures on social networks, and note t is a promise, the champion on my skin, deep in my heart. Now, we are targeting the World Cup! Come on!At present, the ramos is preparation for the Brazilian World Cup with Spain, matadors goal is to complete defending land in South America.

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