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Have basic skills of painting is just tattoos do?
Date:2014-06-04 07:56:47       Form:互联网

Draw design renderings must want to have a good tattoo fundamentals, and drawing the basic skills that doesnt mean you can draw good design renderings. Design performance and create there is a difference between tattoo, watercolor painting creation of writing, for example, in the artistic creation can not bound by too many outside conditions, can express as expression. And performance in the clothing design, stylist cant follow ones inclinations, like a painter to is conditioned by some conditions. Clothing is the purpose of rendering will better express the designers design intention, design content in the first place, of course, artistic representation is the expression of will strengthen effect. Therefore, rendering with appreciation of art and practical function. How to master a good rendering performance techniques. It is crucial for the designer. To targeted training, in the proportion of the characters, dynamic, clothing structure at the same time, also to master painting skills, familiar with here, focused tattoo skills training.

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