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Tattoo parlors uncovered the totem of the origin of meaning for you
Date:2014-06-05 07:19:17       Form:互联网

The origin of the totem

Now, people did not reveal the true meaning of totem origin. MuLun totem is the name of the popular theory are: name the hominid stir sobriquet produced; Said food due to main production dissimilar things around; Production said after the group position fixed, hunting for certain animals and form; And the woman said, pregnancy illusions in says, fear speaking deformation, etc.

The evolution of the totem

One, the primary stage, at this moment, the totem form very similar objects and nature.

Second, the peak stage. This period, the development of productivity, improve the imagination, at the same time, the ancestral consciousness to strengthen, formed the anthropomorphic beast. Pimitive totem object gives some characteristics of people, a image began to reach half man and half beast totem.

Three, totem object into the ancestor worship.

The basic characteristics of the totem: (marked by the totem concept, he is a form of primitive religion, and contains some clan system.)

1, each clan has a totem.

2, think this clan ancestors and clan totem related or some kind of special relationship.

3, totem has a certain mysterious power.

4, totem worship some taboos. With the clan members get married; Forbidden to kill the totem. This is the most important two taboo.

5, the same totem group members as a whole.

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