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Professional tattoo parlors where experience is not suitable for tattoo?
Date:2014-06-06 08:09:16       Form:互联网

Pay attention to choose the area under discussion

We all know that the formation of a good tattoo must consist of 2 most, one is to choose to have experience level quality and have good art foundation of tattoo artist, second is to own the late maintenance, actually also misses the point, and choose a good tattoo parts also has a lot to do

According to my many years of observation practice shows that the human body are summarized a few places is the best to avoid tattoos, because less than very good effect on recovery

1: the inside palm including the fingers is resolute dont tattoo, even at that time is can go up, also will be a mess after recovery, rub off will be very serious, even if it was useless to make up for all the ten times eight times, arrangement first

2: jaws (i.e., thumb and forefinger junction) and the elbow (that is, the arm of dead skin that piece) these two parts is extremely easy to rub off the place, I do here is generally not recommended for guests, restore the effect after it is hard to achieve their ideal feeling, there are a lot of girls like the tiger tattoos, then I can suggest up to do a little bit is ok as far as possible (that is to avoid joint) that is no problem, rank the second

3: behind the neck, hipbone back and waist, the three position is also a grain of ordinary a position, in the process of recovery is also pretty trouble, effect diagram of a class is good, especially the totem is the most trouble, these parts are also the location of the movement, the most ordinary at ordinary times, so it is difficult to be able to in the process of recovery of maintenance is very good, OK, even as a recovery in these areas will be in a year or more years as the change of body will be more or less deformation stretching, and result in uneven color, white or contorts, but through the complementary color is can make up for, rank third

4: the ankle, the most like the location of the MM, is also comparative test the location of the tattoo artist skills to master, because as long as a little a not careful it is easy to cause the demitint of line, the position in the process of recovery is relatively slow, the size of parts in a week or ten days or so can recover, but this position is often slower than anywhere else, it will take about 15 to 20 days of recovery, so I arranged it fourth

A good tattoo is not see the effect of the freshly prepared it, but at the time of grain will consider it in the change in the process of recovery, pigment particles will grow over time and diffusion, which relies on the artist to grasp the scale here, generally experienced teachers can handle it well

To other parts of it is about, is very suitable for tattoo, will no longer say more

Finally, counsels, tattoo must look for professional tattoo artist, must have qualifications, reputation, reputation good teacher, because it really learning a lot of a lot, it may look as they dont understand you just surface kung fu, see is the price of high and low, actually inside knowledge more, in this we dont do something professional are discussed, to draw good will not necessarily tattoo, the tattoo artist must draw good, tattoo is follow you a lifetime, never sloppy.

Finally and you said, all customers I tattoo in this store is a lifelong maintenance, and in this I do also know about my tattoo friends, that is to say, no matter you are the body of grain in that time, as long as I write, as long as there is unsatisfactory, complementary color adjustment are free, always.

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