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Losing Miss Hong Kong zengzi ling took the prize for success WeiZhiHao tattoo art consciously
Date:2014-06-06 08:04:08       Form:互联网

    Hong Kong, Liu Haoming, Liu Yong, WeiZhiHao today in conjunction with the 32-bit successful World Cup to get a girl with Girls, attended the propaganda wireless network program vulgar speak wave group activities, put on small vest and shorts, hot skirt World Cup Girls, also on the activity of playing football game, and 20 port selected Miss Hong Kong zengzi ling won the audience vote successfully took the prize, she confessed to healthy image, also call feeling happy.

MOMO is a doctor of 4, said normally not sexy, and like sports, do not worry about the image. As for 14 MARS said tattoo is when was young and ignorant, but one of the host WeiZhiHao fingerprint is an artist, as long as no so-called ordinary people dont mind.

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