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Imported Motor tattoo machine B1389
Date:2014-10-04 15:52:09       Clicks:
Imported Motor tattoo machine B1389

【Material】:Space aluminum alloy
【Description】:No adjustment can more easily complete the secant, fog, color and totem, based on the traditional patent system are all made of titanium alloy is made, no need for maintenance and roller skating, rigorous and precise endurance tests to ensure the reliability and service life of the machine, used for secant, color dark gray, divide into two kinds, Taiwan motor and Swiss motor titanium alloy frame light, comfortable, reduce the resistance when the machine is running all metal material, low vibration noise, pressing device without elastic, unrestricted, can cooperate with all kinds of handle and tattoos needle mouth, use a professional tattoo artist. Silent motor machine. Description: imported aluminum alloy carved motor machine grind arenaceous processing, there are five color red and black - blue - green - silver Material: this machine adopt aluminum alloy wire drawing technology professional. For customers: the device adopts aluminium alloy carved using Taiwan motor, upgrade the motor and accessories high-end performance, very suitable for professional tattoo artist, wholesale and foreign trade operations Process: integrative framework by aluminum alloy wire drawing carved molding, original, material: aluminum alloy carved, polishing grinding, motor: adopting the mute high speed motor. Advantage: the drawing surface luster bright, equipped with pins fixed tattoo needle swing, adjustable needle distance, working speed is fast, the strength is strong, sound light sustainable work 4 hours is not hot Advantage: this machine is imported production of motor machine market in one of the best performance, exquisite work stable performance, unique design make the skin to a minimum, to work long hours without problem, color very fast professional products, can achieve quiet operation. Spring: high elasticity, fatigue resistance to work long hours Pure iron armature article has excellent permeability, has a stable performance, fast thermal diffusion, it can work in eight hours no fever product features: Material: aviation aluminum frosted appearance Piston: PTFE Power supply connection: RCA connection Tension: contains five different tension options Operating voltage: 3.8 V to 6 V depend on the choice of the spring Advanced imported wanbao to motor


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