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PCD Eyebrow Manual Pen| Positioning pen| Pen rack
Date:2015-06-24 14:20:36       Clicks:
PCD Eyebrow Manual Pen| Positioning pen| Pen rack

【Description】:Professional decorative operating tools, decorative workers will supplies 1, showily transparent pen body, imitation of the shape of the hand grip pen streamline type in vitro physiological structure design, using the human body mechanics can be used to show various brow handmade decorative techniques, such as embroidery, cross-stitch, carving, row, gone with the wind. 2, weight is lighter than a feather, can easily cooperate with needle pieces out of the eyebrow arc, easy to master by the various decorative design level of the operator control. 3, patent system will not sway lock needle, pen body carved art d lines reveal uncommon professional bearing brows. Used for grain each project operation, the performance of different methods. 4. The universal lock pin upgrade for the latest cross to cross the needle lock is suitable for all kinds of needle A certain foundation in various angles can operate for wenxiu division, has formed its own technology use style and habits.

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