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PCD Permanent color ink BEIGE
Date:2015-06-24 17:54:11       Clicks:
PCD Permanent color ink  BEIGE

【Description】:隆戮Product name隆驴: PCD inks paste embroidered eyebrow pigment 隆戮capacity Size隆驴拢潞5G 隆戮Material隆驴拢潞Composition of water ,glycerin ,Imported toner, Medical alcohol.PCD inks Half a solution paste pigment 隆戮Ink color隆驴:BEIGE 隆戮 product detail 隆驴 : 1. Safety, no toxin, stability; 2. Exquisite and smooth, color saturation is extremely strong, the effect is natural, vivid. 3. The oily paste body, solid and water separation phenomenon, after an open paste sticky, easy to color; 4. Contain sunscreen factor, Titanium dioxide, can put the uv discoloration caused by down to a minimum. 5. Economic and durable, every bottle of pigment can do 40-50 to eyebrows, ordinary embroidery eyebrow pigment is five times. 6.Grain lip color material Floating lip color eyebrow embroidery eyebrow color material Embroidery color safe and reliable with German imported toner, toner after SGS certification completely non-toxic to human body, the main ingredients: water glycerin toner, normal export to European and American countries, both at home and abroad have a wide range of beauty institutions in use. The effect is very stable. Embroider little knowledge: pigment need to use a toothpick stir to mix well before use, viscosity fit, too dry can add a few glycerin diluent, operating in the process of cotton to wipe the excess pigment screws into is very dry, so as to avoid ink dilution cause blue. Taupe apply the available after finish, after three to five minutes. Tell customers avoid alcohol, spicy seafood, etc., pay attention to health, embroider after hours will have serum seepage, to wipe, lest scabby queen mother, finally put on repair, stick to 1 to 2 times a day, a week.

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