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Permanent Makeup Pen Machine
Date:2015-07-28 12:03:56       Clicks:
Permanent Makeup Pen Machine

【Material】:Zinc alloy
【Description】:Imported grain supercilium body machine, the motor is strong and durable, quality assured!
Note: send 5 single needle, 5, 5 single three needle cap and five three needle cap
The speed of the machine strong, up to 35000 RPM, can achieve tattoo operation requirements. The use of ac dc tattoo machine, the machine speed and strength can adjust freely by grain supercilium body division, operation can control at will.
Super endurance
Machine adopts the most advanced German imports of SSP super power intelligent carbon brush motor, stamina for 3 to 5 times that of ordinary grain machine. Suggested that machine work 30 minutes rest 2 minutes to continue operation, this method can improve the service life of the machine.
The stability of the super
Special lock stitch design, make the clip stronger, no needle, needle fly. To ensure customer safety, grain machine can print out generally not slender eyebrows. Small noise, linear stability, stable performance, high quality and durable! Speed, the length of the needle is adjustable, automatic lock stitch, the operation is simple and convenient.
Can be automatically controlled Pierce the depth of the skin, avoid to Pierce the skin deep, help beginners operate more freely. Meet resistance when the internal elastic device can make the machine stop running of the machine, after leaving the surface resistance can resume normal operation, to protect the machine from being damaged.
Super mute
Machine in the work of the low noise, color fast, can reduce customers tension and pain. Let the decorative work more convenient and quick.
Science and intelligent
Ergonomic body weight ratio design, compact and handy operation. Loss of movement within the natural has been set intelligent data, ensure the machine service life.



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