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3D Wenxiu Blade|Eyebrow Blade
Date:2015-07-28 11:07:54       Clicks:
3D Wenxiu Blade|Eyebrow Blade

【Material】:316 stainless steel
【Description】:Model: 7 needles, 9 needles, 12 needles, 14 needles and 16 needles, needle, 21 needles 16 double arc needle, needle 18 double arc, double arc 21 needle 12 needle/copper clad, 14 needle/copper clad Independent packing. Grain supercilium floating eyebrow razor blades/needle piece, silk import acupuncture needle sharp, easy colored, unique arc arrangement convenient operation conveniently. Smooth lines, high elastic cyclotron, easier to make a perfect arc, good in color, with color piece, small trauma, fine go line.

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